Welcome to Consol3, where our passion for innovation meets the precision of venture capital. As architects of growth, we thrive on identifying and nurturing the transformative potential within dynamic ideas. Our commitment extends beyond investment – it's about cultivating partnerships, driving impact, and reshaping industries. Discover the ethos that propels us forward, meet the team steering our course, and explore the core values shaping our venture capital journey. At Consol3, we're not just investors; we're catalysts for the future. Join us as we redefine success, one visionary partnership at a time.

We develop early-stage Web3 companies with impressive ROI potential

and are focused on enabling the most innovative blockchain start-ups through to mass adoption; accelerating growth through a combination of perceptive strategic advice, powerful growth marketing, and influential networking to smart capital.

and have invested and supported some of the most prominent Web3 start-ups to date

Our investments have achieved top 100 market cap status, as we provide in-depth strategic support and guidance. Our lead investors are extensively educated serial entrepreneurs with degrees ranging from marketing, business, leadership, communication and education; and, have won over 40+ national and international awards.

by advising on strategy and leveraging powerful connections

Our team run international educational courses and conferences across 8 European countries, India and the states with a highly optimising blogging platform. We operate as strategic advisors to other VCs, funds and communities, holding an impressive network of high-value individuals and a KOL reach of over 40 million across a global audience.

Embarking on a Transformative Venture Capital Odyssey with Consol3

Welcome to Consol3, a trailblazing venture capital powerhouse headquartered in the dynamic landscape of Singapore. Our inception from the triumphs of GD10 Capital signifies the birth of a new era in venture capital, where innovation converges seamlessly with strategic investment. Immerse yourself in the compelling narrative of Consol3, an organization poised to redefine the trajectory of venture capital, forging groundbreaking digital legacies in the process.

Pioneering Web3 Gaming: Shaping the Future of Interactive Experiences

Consol3 stands as a beacon in the realm of Web3 gaming, where disruptive technologies and visionary gameplay intertwine. Our strategic focus on blockchain innovation and decentralized ecosystems positions us uniquely at the forefront of the gaming renaissance. Far beyond merely following industry trends, Consol3 actively shapes the future of the gaming landscape by identifying, nurturing, and investing in the most promising ventures that encapsulate the essence of the next generation of gaming.

An Inheritance of Success and Exceptional Returns: Sustaining a Tradition of Excellence

Embedded in our DNA is the legacy of success from GD10 Capital, boasting an extraordinary track record of exceptional returns and industry-defining portfolio performance. At Consol3, this legacy is not just a benchmark; it's a testament to our commitment to maintaining a tradition of meticulous investment strategies, visionary foresight, and unwavering dedication to the success of our portfolio companies.

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A Collaborative Ecosystem Beyond Capital: Redefining Support Structures

Consol3 transcends the conventional boundaries of a venture capital fund. Our launch in collaboration with top-tier gaming incubators and partners signifies our commitment to fostering an expansive network that extends far beyond the infusion of capital. This collaborative ecosystem goes beyond financial support, offering strategic mentorship, unparalleled industry connections, and a comprehensive support system for the transformative journey of our portfolio companies.

The Consol3 Advantage: A Team of Visionaries: Fostering Innovation and Diversity

At the core of Consol3 is a dynamic team of visionaries, industry experts, and passionate gaming enthusiasts. We believe in cultivating an environment that not only encourages but celebrates bold ideas, diversity, and continuous innovation. As we navigate uncharted territories in Web3 gaming, we invite entrepreneurs and investors alike to be part of the Consol3 community, where every voice has the power to shape the digital legacies of tomorrow.

Join Us in Shaping Digital Legacies: Exploring Boundless Possibilities

Whether you're a visionary entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea or an astute investor seeking the next frontier, Consol3 welcomes you to join our transformative journey. Immerse yourself in the vast possibilities, explore the strategic partnerships that define us, and become an integral part of the future we are actively shaping together.